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Evergreen offers a wide variety of different blooming plant programs as a lower cost alternative to cut flowers. All programs are changed at regular intervals to ensure that they are always fresh and beautiful.

The “ETI” program consists of a large variety of blooming plants changed every 2-4 weeks depending on the variety.

The Bromeliad program consists of different colors and varieties of bromeliads from 4” to 10” single plants or combination gardens changed every 6 weeks.

The Orchid program consists of different colors of exotic orchids changed every 6 weeks.

All above programs are available in a larger bowl surrounded by changing foliage or succulents to add extra interest.

Our Custom “Living Arrangement” program is our premium blooming plant program best suited to replace those pricey cut flowers; we customize this program to your space and do monthly changes.

We use the WATERTECH Sub-irrigation System. Read more about how this innovative interiorscape technology limits maintenance visits.

View our gallery of blooming plants and custom “Living Arrangements”